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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving your rankings in search engines for specific keywords.

We provide keyword research, competitor analysis, implement technical improvements to your website, and optimise your content.

Even though the traffic is “free”, competition for placement on search engines is ever increasing. We work with you on an ongoing basis to retain/improve your position against your competitiors.

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Our 9 Step Process For Improving The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Of Your Website

Even though our SEO team is based in Tauranga, we provide SEO services for clients all over New Zealand, and our activities attract clients/customers for our clients from all over the world. Each country is a little different, but the SEO principals are the same.

  1. Keyword research
    • Using a variety of tools and our experience, we determine what keywords the market is using to find products and services like yours
    • We prioritise this list to provide the top 3 keyword phrases to focus our efforts on. Phrases with good monthly search volume, high relevance to your products & services, and medium competition go to the top
    • We record your current ranking against the keyword list so we have a baseline for the future so we can demonstrate improvement over time
  2. Plugin configuration
    • WordPress websites are our speciality, but we perform SEO services for a large number of platforms including Shopify, Umbraco, SilverStripe and Concrete5. Another core service we provide to clients is website development so we can work with any platform
    • If your site is on WordPress we have premium subscriptions to a suite of the best SEO plugins. We install and configure these plugins for your site, and can often find equivalents for other platforms
  3. Google Setup
    • Next we ensure your site is registered with Google’s suite of services including Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google Maps / Google My Business
  4. META tag improvements
    • Every webpage has a “META Title” which is a short sentence that appears in blue as a link in Google Searches
    • Now that we have our list of keywords, and an understanding of the purpose and content of each webpage, we craft a sentence for this section for each page
    • Every webpage also has a “META Description” which is a short paragraph that sometimes appears under the blue link in Google Searches. We craft this also
    • These sections are short summaries of the content of these pages so Google pays particular attention to them
  5. Site Speed Improvement
    • Have you noticed that even though our devices and internet connections are getting faster and faster, our expectations of the performance of the websites we visit is also higher? We are increasingly intolerant of slow loading.
    • For this reason, sitespeed is a factor in Googles search engine ranking algorithm.
    • We have a suite of tools and techniques that we use to improve your websites loading speed
  6. Content structure improvement
    • Next, we improve the structure of your content to ensure Google can consume and understand your content
    • We ensure you are using the Heading levels correctly (H1, H2, H3 etc), internal hyperlinks to pages with more detail on certain subjects, check and optimise your images, check and optimise your URL “slugs” (eg, fix any dead links we find to external websites and more
  7. Content creation
    • We guide you on what text, images, video you should add to your existing webpages and what new pages and posts you should create next
  8. Backlinking
    • The earliest versions of Googles algorithm simply counted the number of links there were back to your website. The more links, the higher your rankings! The algorithm is far more complex these days, but the number of backlinks and the quality of those sites linking to you, is still a factor
    • We have a program that steadily increases the number of links back to your website from online business directories and other websites
  9. Ongoing Monitoring
    • Using a variety of tools we monitor your site for any errors, warnings, actions that we need to take, and content improvement ideas
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