Q: “What is best practice if I have multiple branches in Google My Business / Google Maps?”

Ensure that:

  1. All names follow the convention “brand_name city_name”
  2. All have phone numbers
  3. All have a business description (doesn’t have to be unique)
  4. All have our logo
    • Here are the recommended dimensions for logos and photos: https://support.google.com/business/answer/6103862)
  5. All have a cover photo
    • This photo has a high chance of being the first images searchers will see
  6. All have a video
    • Doesn’t have to be unique
    • We can’t use a link to YouTube, we need to upload the video
  7. All have 3 – 10 photos
    • They don’t have to be unique, but for bonus points add additional photos unique to each branch
    • Request removal of any photos that have been contributed by users that you don’t like
  8. All have a list of services
  9. All have a service area
  10. All have the map pin in the correct place
    • You can adjust its location if you need to
  11. Reply to all reviews no matter how old they are
    • Put a procedure in place so this is done ongoing
    • If they are negative use the “3 A’s”: Acknowledge that they had a bad experience, Apologise that it happened to them, and tell them what Action you have taken so this doesn’t happen to them or anyone else
  12. Add regular posts for each branch such as linking back to your blog articles

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