Q: “What is the CreativeQ process for website development?”

There are 3 phases for all our website development projects.

Phase #1 | The Beginning

  • Design: Most of the time we are provided with a completed design to work with from one of our agency partners. If you don’t already have a design, we can connect you with one of these agencies.
  • Once you have signed off the design and provided a green light to get started on the website development, our production manager will get in touch to confirm the following
    • Timeline: Estimated duration for the project, and estimated completion date
    • Design files: The info and specs that your design files need to follow, and how to add these files to our Google Drive
    • A request for confirmation of your sitemap / site structure
    • The next major milestone which is when we have built the Home page and it’s ready for your refinements
      • Once the home page is confirmed we’ll move on to the inner pages
    • How to add features that are beyond the original scope/price
    • Our standard payment terms

Phase #2 | The Middle

  • We continue development work on the inner pages
  • You provide your content for us to insert, and / or we provide a login so you can start adding your own content
  • Refinements to functionality, design and content with your input

Phase #3 | The End

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