Q: “What are 16 different digital marketing methods?”

  1. Websites
    • The content you choose for your own website
    • Content components: text, images, video, downloadable documents and forms
    • Content topics: products, services, information and contact details
    • Webpage types: static pages and blog articles / posts
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  2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • Onsite: Creating and structuring your website content in the hope that Google will send you free web traffic from the Google search results pages
    • Offsite: Creating links back to your site in the form of links from related (but non-competing websites), listings on business directories, and article content on other peoples sites that link back to you (also called “guest posts” or “guest blogging”)
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  3. Search engine ads
  4. Small format text-based ads
    • In smaller spaces where display ads don’t fit, or are not available, small text-based ads can be inserted
    • Commonly seen on Googles Display Network which includes sites such as Gmail, Google Maps, Youtube, Google Play etc
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  5. Display ads
    • Also known as “banner ads”
    • Can be static or animated, with messages, branding, colour, images, shapes and buttons
    • (A specialty of ours here at CreativeQ)
  6. Video
    • Video content on video sharing platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Tiktok, Vine
    • Video ads to play before, after and during other related video content
    • (Here at CreativeQ we can’t help with video creation, but placement of your video ads is a specialty of ours)
  7. Social media
    • Creating and maintaining a profile on various individual social media platforms
    • Creating ads native to these social media platforms such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, Pinterest ads, Snapchat ads etc
    • (Here at CreativeQ we can’t help with creating or maintaining your social media presence, but servicing ads onto social media platforms is a specialty of ours)
  8. Email marketing
    • Messages to personal contacts
    • Maintaining and growing email lists in your accounts on email software providers such as MailChimp
    • Purchasing or renting third-party email lists
    • (Here at CreativeQ we advise clients on how best to grow email lists over time with web forms and downloads, but we can’t help with other aspects of email marketing)
  9. Digital signage
    • Also known as “in-window screens” or “digital screens” or just “screens”
    • Example 1: digital screens in the front window of travel agents promoting current travel & accommodation deals
    • Example 2: digital menus at fast food restaurants above the counter which can change according to the time of day and special offers
    • Example 3: digital screens built into the walls of bus shelters on busy roads
  10. Digital billboards
    • Large format (6m+) digital signage with static ads or short animated video ads
  11. In-app ads
    • Text ads, display ads and video ads pushed into apps during usage (so that the apps can be downloaded for free)
  12. Affiliate marketing
    • Also known as “affiliate advertising”
    • Its where you pay a commission on each sale to a network of affiliate marketers who write blog articles, social media posts, make videos and send emails to their audiences
  13. Media releases
    • Also known as “Press releases” or “News releases”
    • Writing stories in media / news style in the hope that media companies and publications publish the story
  14. Public Relations
    • Also known as “PR” is the practice of managing the release and spread of information about your organisation to the public
    • This information can be non-paid or paid and can include:
      • Articles and interviews for publications and media channels
      • Content on your website and in emails
      • Speech writing for the organisations leadership
      • Internal communication with employees and stakeholders
      • Event management
  15. Podcasting
    • Creating audio content to demonstrate thought leadership on a particular topic
  16. Webinars
    • Also known as “online seminar”
    • Holding live or pre-recorded webinars teaching either strategy or best practice in your industry

Here at CreativeQ we focus our attention on digital marketing methods numbered #1 – #7 in the list above.

If you need help with the other methods in the list, reach out to us anyway, we may know someone who can help.

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