6 reasons why so many of our clients ask us to build their new website on WordPress

Here at CreativeQ, we develop websites on a number of popular platforms.

But many of our clients choose WordPress (the most popular website building software in the world) for the following reasons:

  1. The core WordPress software is free so this reduces the total cost you pay to get your website built
  2. There are 100s of thousands of free plugins and thousands of premium plugins that can add functionality
  3. Custom themes can be build to achieve almost any design imaginable
  4. The built-in Content Management System (CMS) is powerful and easy to use so we can show you how to update key areas of content yourself
  5. WordPress has many SEO basics in place off-the-shelf
  6. WordPress has excellent security if the CreativeQ security protocol is followed (which we provide to all clients that host with us)

If you would like your next website built on WordPress, reach out to us.


WordPress image credit: https://itec.media/ 

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