Backlinks: How The CreativeQ SEO Team Build Backlinks Back To Your Website

One of the activities included in the SEO service we provide to you is creating backlinks.

“Backlinks” are hyperlinks back to your website (also called “inbound links” or “incoming links”)

The best backlinks come from high quality sources such as business directories, blogs, social media posts and other websites.

Backlinks are important because they indicate to Google that your site is legitimate, relevant, important and current.

To create backlinks from business directories we need access to an email address unique to us.

All we need is an email forwarder, not an email account.

And best practice is to also forward this to someone internal to future proof the email address. (From time to time emails will come in from a variety of business directories containing hyperlinks and promotion messages to sell premium listings. All these messages can be ignored because our team will take the required action).

8 sources of backlinks that our team can build without your involvement:

  1. Directory Submissions
    • Both general and business directories
    • Strategy: Use SEO tools to determine which general and business directories the clients competitors are listed on, and set up similar backlinks for our clients
  2. Commenting on Blogs
    • Strategy: Identify blogs in the clients industry with open comments sections, and write intelligent comments that contain a link back to the clients website
  3. Image Submissions
    • Collect clients images from their website, social media, Google Maps listing etc
    • Images may be of products, logos, offices etc
    • Strategy: Share these images on various sites for backlinking purposes
  4. Article / Blog Submissions
    • Onto various article / blog sharing websites. The client would have to provide the content (which should be unique)
    • We can check if ones they discover have good domain authority, or generate a list of websites for them to consider
  5. Citation Submissions
    • Strategy: Use SEO tools ( to determine which general and business citation opportunities in which competitors are listed on, and attempt on those and similar opportunities.
  6. Software / Product Listing
    • Similar to app related websites there are few websites where various softwares/tools are discussed or submitted. We can discuss client softwares and share details of client opportunities.
  7. Bookmarking Website Submission
    • We can mine various bookmarking websites and set bookmarks for our website and service pages.
  8. Q&A Submissions
    • Q&A submission websites like Quora
    • Especially websites with client service related queries
    • We would respond to questions with satisfactory answers with a reference to an article or page on the clients website

3 more sources of backlinks that we do need your help to create

  1. Social Media
    • We encourage the client to deep-link to pages & articles on their own website
  2. Guest posts / Guest blogging
    • We provide topic ideas related to your industry
    • You write a unique post
    • We edit the post to include a number of links back to your website
    • We reach out to 3rd-party websites and request that the post is placed on their site
  3. Press Releases
    • We ask you to create a series of Press Releases in the news format
    • We help with the distribution of these Press Releases

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