Q: “What are the 9 different ad campaign types in Google Ads?”

  1. Google Search Campaigns
    • Also known as “Search Engine Marketing”
    • Text based ads displayed above, below and to the side of Google search results pages
    • Includes brand name search, competitor brand name search, product specific search, service specific search and more
    • Extensions available include:
      • Sitelink extensions (links straight to your deeper webpages)
      • Call extensions (one click to call you)
      • Location extensions (showing locations closest to the searcher)
      • Offer extensions (show casing your limited time offers)
      • App extensions (links directly to the Google Play store so searches can download your app immediately)
  2. Google Display Campaign
    • Also known as “banner ads”, these have colour, imagery, animation/movement and clickable elements
  3. Google Text Ad Campaign
    • Small text ads on the Google ad network (such as Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Google Play, Blogger and others) when available space is limited
  4. Google Dynamic Campaign
    • Inserts the actual phrases users are searching Google for directly into your ad to increase relevance
  5. Google Responsive Campaign
    • Provide a small library of headlines, descriptions, images and call-to-actions, and Google will choose a combination to fit the available space and test combinations to find the most effective
  6. Google Retargeting Campaign
    • Also known as “Remarketing” (technically remarketing involves email marketing but the terms are often used interchangeably)
    • Place special code on your website to add every visitor to a retargeting list so your ads will follow them around the internet encouraging them to come back to your website for 30 days or more
  7. Google Video Campaign for YouTube
    • Much more engaging than most other formats. They hold attention and immerse the viewer into your message and brand
    • Either pre-video or mid-video
  8. Shopping Campaign
    • Appear above Google Search results with products straight from your ecommerce website relevant to their search terms
  9. Mobile App Campaigns
    • To promote your IOS or Android app in Google Search, YouTube, Google Play and more
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