Q: “What are the 6 major formats of online advertising?”

There are 6 main formats:

  1. Text based ads
    • Very easy to setup
    • Very easy to change
  2. Static image ads
    • No animation but are inexpensive to produce and still have messaging, colour, and imagery
  3. Display ads
    • Also known as “banner ads”, these have colour, imagery, animation/movement and clickable elements
    • Are more expensive to get professionally designed but there is software available now such as BannerSnack.com that makes it easier to create. Many advertising platforms also provide their own ad builders
  4. Video ads
    • Much more engaging than most other formats. They hold attention and immerse the viewer into your message and brand
  5. Interactive ads
    • More than just a passive display or video ad, this format allows the viewer to click and play with elements. Popular with game ads to provide a teaser of actual game play
  6. Native ads
    • These ads adapt their colours, style and format to better suit the website, platform or app on which they appear, to look more like regular content
    • Often a combination of text, images, video and buttons
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