Q: “What are the 10 types of Facebook ads?”

  1. Native Facebook Image Ad
    • The most simple Facebook Ad which features a single image with accompanying text and a button
  2. Facebook Dynamic Ad
    • Provide a small library of headlines, descriptions, images and buttons, and Facebook will test combinations to find the most effective
  3. Facebook Video Ad
    • Adds eye-catching movement to your ad by replacing the image with a short video
  4. Facebook Slideshow Ad
    • A combination of between 3 and 10 images or videos, to accompany your ad text
  5. Facebook Carousel Ad
    • Like a slideshow, but this time, each image or video can have it’s own link
  6. Facebook Messenger Ad
    • A text message served into your target audiences Messenger feed to start a conversation with them
  7. Facebook Lead Ad
    • Provides a short form where you can collect details like name, email address, phone number, city
  8. Facebook Instant Experience
    • Is a mini webpage with 2 large paragraphs of text, 2 large photos and 2 large buttons going to destinations you choose
    • (Formerly called “Facebook Canvas Ads”)
  9. Facebook Collection Ad
    • Includes a Instant Experience plus you can feature multiple products
  10. Boosted Facebook Page Posts
    • Inserts your Facebook posts into the newsfeed of those that already like your page, to their friends, or to a wider audience
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