Q: Should I host my videos on my website or embed them with YouTube or Vimeo?

Best practice is to embed your videos using a third-party video hosting platform such as YouTube or Vimeo instead of hosting the video yourself on your website.

There is a huge amount of technology going into YouTube/Vimeo to ensure the user experience is as good as possible independent of their internet connection or device. Hosting the video yourself on your website uses up diskspace and can load slow.

Uploading your videos to YouTube and embeding them in your website has one small disadvantage and that is the list of “recommended videos” that are shown at the end of your video encouraging users to keep watching more unrelated videos instead of moving on to the next part of your website.

Vimeo doesn’t show this list but has the disadvantage of being a paid service whereas YouTube is free.

If your budget will allow, we encourage serving the embedded videos on your website via Vimeo.

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